Making time your B**ch

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Solutions for Time management.
1) start by downloading a scheduling app that helps you keep track of important tasks such as (school, work, gym, etc..) this will allow you to PRIORITIZE on what’s important first, Therefore making you have a clear end goal at the end of the day. I personally use TimePaige you can find it on the app store or google play, it sends your alerts and I love the format of it really user-friendly.
2) Try getting up extra early from now on, yes sleep is important but if you work full time or go to school you may be thinking that there’s only so much time in a day which is not the case. The most successful people wake up before EVERYONE else, usually at 4:00 or 5:00 AM in the morning. This can help you get in an early morning workout or it can help you work on that business you been putting off. That way when you get home you get to focus on what’s really important. Family time.
3) Ever been scrolling down Instagram/Facebook and out of nowhere 45 mins just passed? yes, congratulations you can never get that time back. People find themselves unknowingly picking up their phones when trying to finish an important task ultimately wasting their time. Start by putting your phone far away from you like in another room, that way you won’t be distracted if its close to you but this way in case of an emergency you’ll still be able to hear the ring.

In conclusion At the end when it comes down to it .. you’re not perfect, nothing in life is always going to be 100% aligned right for you to take that first leap. try the best you can in what you wanna do ” Rome was not built in a day ” or even a week or a month even ( yes I’m tired of that quote as well) But hey is it true so be easy on your self. YOU got this. <3

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